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Tips to Unlock Big Data Insights

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It is common, according to Bernard Marr of IBM’s Big Data Hub blog, to think that big data success is only about size.  Mr. Marr  points out, “By simply focusing on the size of your data you run the risk of becoming data rich and insight poor. You have huge volumes of information at your fingertips, but no idea what it all means or what to do with it.”  To benefit from  big data you have to gain valuable insights that transform your business, not just amass more data.

Mr. Marr outlines his five-step “Smart Data Framework” to help you best unlock big data insights:

  • Start with a strategy. Determine the problems you want to solve with big data and define the specific questions you have and the data you need to answer
  • Measure metrics and data. Determine where and how you can collect the data you need.
  • Apply analytics. Much of the growth in big data is fueled by unstructured data which can be “messy.” Today there are a number of tools out there that you can use to manage unstructured data
  • Report results. Tell a story suggests Mr. Marr, “if you use data visualization and narratives to tell that story in a focused and interesting way, it’s far more likely people will understand what you are trying to do, and be as motivated as you are yourself about implementing data-driven change.”
  • Transform your business. Keep in mind that change is the end goal and the data is there to help lead the charge

Notice how if you take the first letter from every bullet above you get the word SMART. Just like with data analysis and storage of the past, today, “smart” use of data whether big or small continues to be important.

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