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Industry News Round-up: Three Flavors of Cloud

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To keep you on top of the latest and greatest cloud technology news, we’ve rounded-up a list of current topics. First, check out what cloud can do for HR, then a new development with IBM’s Watson and, finally, new thinking around cloud services from Forrester.


Human Resources Can Benefit From Cloud

Susan Galer writes for Forbes, “cloud is already living up to its promise at many companies, empowering HR to be more strategic and employees to be more productive. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone fully understands its benefits, or isn’t concerned about the risks inherent to change.”  In her article she points to three key cloud benefits for HR that can help you guide the discussion in your organization:

  • Cloud software taps into the best user experiences and these can translate well even outside of HR for business use
  • The cloud provides faster access to innovation
  • The cloud allows HR systems to stay more current by making upgrades easier and faster

Most HR leaders have heard it before, but there can be a certain amount of “dread” when it comes to handling a specific HR system. Take those concerns and investigate how cloud technology could help.

Watson Continues to Expand in Healthcare

IBM recently launched its new Watson Health business unit reports Fred O’Conner for Network World.  This new unit will focus on serving the healthcare community with the right tools to make health and patient data more useable and actionable. The business unit plans to utilize its cloud systems to access and analyze patient data.  Healthcare data can come from many sources, such as patient records, medical devices, wearables and clinical trials just to name a few. The new Watson Health unit hopes to combine these data streams to help physician decision making.

Are There 3 Flavors of Cloud?

When we evaluate cloud technology should we forget about SaaS, IaaS and PaaS?  Brandon Butler reports for Network World that new research from Forrester, in fact, does ask organizations to rethink the categorization of services. Forrester analysts find, “IaaS vendors are increasingly catering to application development; PaaS vendors let users control more infrastructure; and SaaS vendors allow customers to build new apps on their software.” They see cloud vendors “blurring” the lines in order to create the best public cloud platforms that meet their clients’ needs. Share how you talk about the cloud.