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Getting Big Data Ready

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Are you ready for big data? David Kelly of Forbes writes, “jumping on the big data bandwagon can backfire in a very expensive way without a concise blueprint for leveraging, acting on and benefitting from the information.”  So how can you start to prepare?  Today, we will look at tips for developing your strategy as well as how to prepare your team.

First, create a strategy, a clear roadmap, that defines how you plan to implement and use big data as well as what outcomes to expect. Questions to ask:

  • What are my priorities and how will big data serve those?
  • How can we test the waters before plunging in too far?
  • How will big data inform my business decisions?
  • How will my organization handle and process more data volume?
  • What technology solutions are available and what will work best?

Mr. Kelly adds, “in addition, organizations should foster an operational mindset for practicing data-based decision making. They need a company-wide culture that encourages and rewards data usage, positive outcomes and value delivered to the business.” Sujan Patel contributor to Forbes shares these tips to help prepare your team to be more data-driven:

  • Start small. Define and tackle a limited big data project to test the waters and gain experience
  • Address talent issues. Don’t wait and expect trial by fire to work itself out. Instead identify, first, where you are shorthanded in skills and experience and explore opportunities to gain the skills needed
  • Make insights useable. Ensure you produce actionable insights and be open to granting access to multiple types of users, big data just like any data must have a business value

A clear strategy and your people, just like with other business and technology initiatives these two factors are key to define and develop if you wan to turn your big data vision into a successful reality.