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Data Security Tips

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Data security both on-premise and in the cloud are important topics in the news. Today let’s take a look at a couple viewpoints to help better protect your data.

Mr. Sameer Bhatia provides tips to better ensure security within your cloud computing system for Data Center Knowledge:

  • Strong data security features. Mr. Bhatia writes, “Your cloud system must be designed to utilize antivirus programs, encryption controls and other features that help protect data.” You must have transparency and be able to monitor the inflow and outflow of your data.
  • Cloud back up. Be sure to understand when and where the cloud back up will take place and who is responsible for executing
  • Testing. Just like with a disaster recovery plan it is important that you test periodically your cloud security systems to ensure they are operating correctly. Mr. Bhatia even points to hiring ethical hackers that use hacking activities to help identify weak points.
  • Tiers of data access. Even in a small company not all people should have access to all data. Think through who needs what data to get their jobs done well and ensure your systems can handle different types of data access.


In another article Sue Poremba of Forbes talks about ways to improve your data security policies:

  • If you have a data security policy in place make sure it is “fluid” – reviewed and changed as needed to deal with upgraded systems and new threats
  • Make sure your data security policy is simple and automate data security guards when possible
  • Policy makers should be in-tune with actual cloud, BYOD and other data and networking services use within the company
  • Don’t forget security threats are both external and internal. Too often we might be focused on someone “getting in” but many times breaches are caused by simple human error on the inside.

She adds, “true, a security policy won’t prevent a data breach or other cyber security incident. But having an information security policy will help ensure that employees better understand their role in preventing (or causing) a data breach, and make certain there is a plan in place in case the worst happens.”

Share what tips and steps are working well at your company to ensure a more secure data environment.