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Technology Showcase Part 1

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by James Keating III, Business Technology Architect, Evolving Solutions

One of the things I have found most striking having moved from being a customer of IT technology to an architect involved in the selling of IT technology is how often on the customer side of the fence, new and intriguing technology is overlooked due to the reality of operations and needing to keep things running. I am not talking about bleeding edge or strange niche use case technologies, but rather the mainstream software, hardware and services that many customers want and need, but due to time constraints, are not fully investigated until something big happens (read outage, data loss, change in business goals). Knowing this, I have decided to create a three part series that showcases some best examples of this type of technology.

The ground rules for this are as follows:

The technology must be something that the Evolving Solutions team has tested and verified the value and use cases
The technology must provide some type of value that is broad reaching and could be applied at both small business and large enterprise
The technology must be something that (speaking from my old Data Center Manager mindset) won’t create undue burden upon the data center team to implement into existing data center locations
For part 1, we will look at technology that has a physical component (something that needs to be installed into a location) so this won’t be cloud only or software only items for this edition of the showcase.

The technology showcase for category physical are:

AltaVault – Cloud Integrated Storage

What is it?

AltaVault is a physical or virtual appliance that allows one to utilize cloud object based storage for archival and backup purposes. All while providing encryption and deduplication benefits.

Unique Features

Ability to utilize low cost cloud storage for backups and archives without disruption to existing backup software or processes
Works with numerous cloud storage options (AWS, Softlayer, Azure)
Can work with on-prem storage as well
Supports boatloads of backup software as it appears as a disk target for the backup software and then manages the data and the cloud storage

Steelfusion – Branch office optimization and central storage cloud

What is it?

Steelfusion is a device that allows one to control all storage from the centeral data center and allows one to “project” LUNS to remote offices for LAN speed performance all while reducing the infrastructure investment at the branch office.

Unique Features

Ability to project LUNS from one location to another location
Ability to run compute on the edge device further reducing infrastructure requirements at the branch office
Can be integrated with object based storage (AWS S3 for example) to provide a highly available branch office solution
Centralizes storage administration and functionality to core data centers where skills for storage and backups are strong
Can provide WAN optimization services
As always if you want to know more information on either of these products feel free to contact Evolving Solutions.