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IoT Ready: Enterprise Considerations

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Bernard Marr in an article on Pivot Point pointed out some “amazing” facts about the Internet of Things (IoT):

  • Connected objects are expected to grow to more than 50 billion by 2020
  • Analyst see the potential market for IoT larger than PC, tablet and phone markets combined
  • 20% of Americans expect to own a smart watch or smart refrigerator within 5 years

Mr. Marr writes, “rather than being a passing fad, the Internet of Things is only growing as innovative people and companies imagine new uses for connected objects.”

So with IoT on deck what should enterprises take into consideration for planning?  Chris O’Connor of IBM’s Big Data Hub presents us with the “top 5 reasons why enterprises must have an IoT strategy” in a recent article:

  • Get your data straight. First you may already have some IoT data on premise but not know it or use it. IoT use brings even more data into the organization so start planning now to determine what data is of value and what data will lead to “real insights”
  • Develop and operate with a holistic IoT strategy.  IoT devices add even more complexity. Mr. O’Connor writes, “Thinking through how you will build or run your IoT devices is critical for safety, compliance, improved performance and business resiliency—not to mention much, much more.”
  • Plan for your IoT security needs. IoT devices operate closer than any other devices to-date and will communicate detailed and potentially intimate data. Traditional approaches to security may not “fit” so plan now for strategies that will keep your devices and data secure
  • “Put your cloud to work,” recommends Mr. O’Connor. He points out that IoT and the cloud are becoming ever more connected to each other. How can enterprises start utilizing the cloud power they have on and off premise

And funny as it may seem after reading through his tips, his final piece of advice: “Don’t get left behind because you got stuck waiting to develop a strong IoT strategy.” With IoT Mr. O’Connor feels it is important to lead the change than have the change lead you.

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