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Industry News Roundup: The Cost of Cloud

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To keep you on top of the latest and greatest cloud technology news, we’ve rounded-up a list of recent topics.

The Cost of Cloud

Forbes recently reported on 451 Research’s update to its cloud price index. What did they find? First for those entering the cloud or testing the waters in the short term prices fell from October 2014 by 2%, but the firm found that for those companies willing to negotiate for the long term prices fell by almost 12%. 451 Research encompasses compute, storage, networking and higher-level services – they like to focus on the “portfolio” level.  Here is a look at how price index:

Cloud price index
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Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Linux Foundation recently announced the formation of The Cloud Native Computing Foundation reports Ben Kepes for Network World.  The goals of the foundation include:

  • Advance the methods used to build cloud-native applications
  • Align the different open source initiatives related to cloud apps
  • Approach open source at the orchestration level

Members include some of the biggest names out there such as IBM, Goldman Sachs, Google, and VMware just to name a few. Mr. Kepes reports, “In terms of its mandate, The Cloud Native Computing Foundation will be responsible for stewardship of the projects, fostering growth and evolution of the ecosystem, promoting the technologies and serving the community by making the technology accessible and widely adopted. On the all-important governance aspects, The Foundation will include a Technical Oversight Committee and an End User Advisory board to ensure alignment of needs between the technical and end-user communities.”

Cloud Security of the Future

Andre Froehlich of InformationWeek walks us through several new cloud security developments that will be more and more mainstream:

  • Cloud for security threat detection
  • Cloud for self-healing and retroactive malware protection
  • SDN to improve cloud network visability
  • Cloud as a first line of defense for DDoS

Mr. Froehlich writes, “In many ways, cloud security is gaining in strength based on a seemingly inherent weakness. Cloud service providers are in a unique position to absorb vast amounts of data. Because large clouds are geographically dispersed in data centers around the globe, they can pull in all kinds of security intelligence as data flows in and out of the cloud. This intelligence can then be used to track security threats and stop them far more quickly.”