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Be prepared for cloud migration

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Sharon Gaudin of IBM’s Thoughts on Cloud recently interviewed leaders with enterprise cloud migration experience on what “pitfalls” to watch for and be prepared for.

Legacy systems were at the top of the list. Ms. Gaudin cites The Weather Company which has migrated about 80% of its services for his thoughts. The remaining 20% are the tougher legacy systems.  Enterprises need to be ready to make decisions about legacy systems – their function and viability over the long term.

Be careful with mission-critical services, data and applications. Those experienced in cloud deployment still recommend taking it one step at a time when migrating to the cloud. Tackle systems, data and applications that were made for the cloud. Start small to gain experience and take incremental steps to see how the cloud fits and reacts with the whole system overtime.

Don’t get stuck on the what-ifs.  Some companies find themselves stuck in the planning stage and never moving to deployment. This could be due to tackling too big of a project, lack of experience or even choosing the wrong starting point. The key again is to start with a small cloud project. Look for the low hanging fruit – what is best suited for the cloud – and start with those to gain experience and to test the waters.

Know how you will connect with the cloud.  Ms. Guadin speaks with John Trujillo VP of Pacific Life Co who adds, “connecting to [the cloud] through your VPN is fine, but if you have offices in Chicago and you’re connecting with Virginia, that latency can become frustrating, and that latency can become a little obnoxious. Make sure you pay a lot of attention to that networking component. How you get there is a big part of it.”

Finally before migrating to the cloud, enterprises must think about the people element. What new roles will be created, what skills are needed and how do you position your people in the best way possible to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud.