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Industry News Round-up – Cloud Security

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Today let’s look some recent articles around cloud security including SoftLayer in the film industry, making cloud security less “foggy” and state cloud priorities.

SoftLayer in the Movies

Ever underestimate your server needs and then think now what? Darlyn Pereira gives an example on Thoughts on Cloud. In his example a visual effects post-production company underestimated capacity by 50% and called their service provider looking for a solution – a solution within 3 days.  The service provider looked to IBM’s SoftLayer. SoftLayer provided them the latency, scalability and flexibility they needed while also meeting the companies security goals. Mr. Pereira explains, “The SoftLayer solution safeguards the visual effects company’s intellectual property. After the business finishes using SoftLayer servers during its busy season and scales back its infrastructure, the servers are scrubbed and the customer receives certificates attesting to the removal and destruction of all data.” SoftLayer is making a difference “backstage” so-to-speak in the film industry.

Remove the “fog” from your cloud security

“Cloud environments present both unique IT outsourcing opportunities and considerable cloud security challenges that promise to change the economics of how you manage your resources,” writes Stephanie Stack of IBM’s Security Intelligence. In fact, your company may be exposed to more cloud than you think through employee use of public cloud services (with or without permission), mobile device use and shadow IT.  Industry expert G. Mark Hardy recommends developing a defined protocol for cloud security and even creating a centralized team, known as security operations center (SOC). What he doesn’t recommend is operating “ad hoc” in a cloud world. Take time today to think about where you are in terms of your cloud security management. Are you also managing in an adhoc way? What would it take to centralize and formalize your cloud security?

Public Sector Cloud Priorities

According to Kenneth Corbin of Thoughts on Cloud, “In a recent survey, state CIOs named security and risk management as their chief priority for 2016, followed by developing a framework for implementing cloud services.” Data security at all levels has actually been a top priority for survey takers for the past three years and also plays a role in their cloud adoption. Mr. Corbin reports that more states have moved beyond “if” when it comes to adopting cloud to “how.”  Another trend, state CIOs are moving away from the mindset of having to provide every service and are considering cloud services as a way to improve overall operations.

What cloud security conversations and questions are popping up in your organization?