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Transparency & Collaboration for Better Data Security

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David Cook of IBM’s Thoughts on Cloud writes, “Security breaches are a fact of modern life. These days, it seems that every time an attack hits the news, companies redouble their efforts to prevent another one—only to find themselves facing an even more insidious threat the next time around.” So what can you do to create a great data security process?

Mr. Cook points to transparency and collaboration as being key themes to keeping your data safe in an ever growing cloud, mobile and IOT device environment.  He also adds, “As businesses and technologies evolve, so do vulnerabilities and attack vectors. That means your data security program must change with them. If it doesn’t, your company’s exposure to risk will continue to increase over time.”  Here are Mr. Cook’s recommendations for developing a solid security program to protect your data:

  • Review new data protection technology and methods constantly –often times looking to outside providers to tap their expertise and resources
  • Be open to feedback. Collaboration and transparency are a key theme here.  First, listen to your employees. Get them involved and engaged with protecting the company’s assets. Next, don’t  forget about your customers. Mr. Cook writes, “depending on your industry, product or service, your company could benefit from letting your customers review your security program. And then listen to their feedback. Oftentimes, your customers will have expertise that can help improve your program”
  • Invest in third party audits. An outside resource can spend the time to review processes and procedures to identify gaps and opportunities.  Mr. Cook recommends SOC2 Type 2 or ISO 27001 certifications.
  • Turn mistakes into opportunities.  Don’t just fall into the routine of reporting why an incident happened instead turn those misses into actionable items that improve your data security

No data security program can ever be perfect, but if you keep evolving and learning from past mistakes and recognize opportunities, be open to tapping into the expertise of outside resources and engage employees and customers, you can develop a solid secure foundation.