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Big Data Predictions

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Bernard Marr compiles some of the top big data predictions for the year from leading analysts and firms in a recent Forbes article. Let’s take a look at those today.

  • Big data growth. Mr. Marr writes, “There’s absolutely no question that we will continue generating larger and larger volumes of data, especially considering that the number of handheld devices and Internet-connected devices is expected to grow exponentially.”
  • New tools for analyses. Emerging tools like Spark will compliment SQL
  • Decision making. Data analysis leading to real-time decisions will continue to be important
  • Machine learning. Gartner reported this as a top strategic trend for 2016
  • Privacy. Mr. Marr cites a Gartner report, which predicts by 2018 50% of business ethics violations will be related to data. This makes managing privacy controls and procedures a top concern for businesses
  • Staffing. A shortage of the types of workers needed to handle big data – from scientists and analysts to architects –  will continue
  • Data-as-a-service. Mr. Marr finds that Forrester is predicting that more companies will attempt to monetize their data
  • Cognitive computing. We see this word popping up more and more in the media and Mr. Marr believes businesses will start to realize its a natural fit with analytics
  • Data, data. “All companies are data businesses now” this statement is from Forrester and relates to the fact that more and more businesses are looking for ways to capitalize on their data

Mr Marr shares these closing thoughts, “Only time will tell which of these predictions will come to pass and which will merely pass into obscurity.” He points out that the key take away here is that big data is here to stay and will continue to grow.

Share your own thoughts on these big data predictions and what is happening in your company.