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CIO Big Data Obstacles

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“Most CIOs and other senior IT executives believe their companies are not prepared to make full use of the waves of data coming into their organization” Bain Insights leaders Steve Berez, Paul Callahan and Rasmus Wegener report for Forbes.

Big data, when accessible, can lead to more meaningful and actionable insights, but there is also the management and processing of that data behind-the-scenes and that is the place where many companies feel they are not quite ready.  Bain Insights finds that consolidating and cleaning data, simplifying access and rights management and improving access to external data sources are all commonly cited by CIOs as big data obstacles.  These are pretty specific but there are also cultural obstacles that are playing a role and sometimes even preventing some companies from working towards using big data.

Here are the culture or mindset obstacles that companies face with big data as identified by Bain Insights:

  • Owners of the data (business) and stewards of the data (IT) still make decisions with little interaction or understanding of the other group’s needs
  • IT focuses on storing and securing data versus focusing on getting data to the right hands for gaining insights
  • The company continues to apply old processes to new challenges and needs

How to overcome? One recommendation is to form closer relationships between business and technology teams. Once a relationship is established, balance business priorities with the technology investments that help productivity long-term.  DataOps is the term Bain Insights uses, “a DataOps mentality focuses the organization on improving the way that business leaders, data scientists and IT managers work together to discover insights.”

Share what big data obstacles your company faces? Does your company also have to make a mindset shift in order to capitalize on big data?