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Public or Private – It’s Not All or Nothing

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Many organizations are still in the decision making process when it comes to cloud solutions. Should we go private cloud? Should we go public cloud? Should the question be centered on which type of cloud to adopt or should the question really be centered on which cloud best fits your need? We think the latter is the right approach.

Judith Hurwitz writes for IBM’s Thoughts on Cloud, “There are times when a public cloud makes more sense and other times when private cloud is ideal,” she further adds, “There are times it makes sense for security and governance concerns to place workloads in a private cloud. When the organization must be accountable for customer data, it may find that that private cloud enables its users to track and govern data more predictably.”  And still other times, to build new infrastructure to support a need may be unfeasible and a public cloud solution offers an attractive alternative to support and move fast.  Of course, there are also times when your workload or business need requires a hybrid cloud approach.

Don’t get hung up on the type of cloud solution. First, understand the problem you are trying to solve or the new demand you are trying to meet. As an example be sure you know:

  • What sort of security and control is required?
  • What sort of processing, scalability and flexibility is needed?
  • Who is the ultimate end user?
  • What systems are currently in place and would they hinder or integrate well?
  • What benefit or new revenue will come from meeting this need?

Then sit down with a trusted partner and talk through which cloud solution is the right fit. By starting first with a thorough understanding of your needs, you can better ensure a successful cloud deployment for your organization – whether public, private or hybrid.