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Annual Gartner Predictions

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Gartner recently completed its Symposium ITXpo where it makes predictions on how technologies will evolve and how they will be used. Curtis Franklin provides a summary on Information Week of these predictions. Let’s take a look:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) will positively impact the behavior of more than 1 billion workers around the world by 2020
  • As the number of commercial transactions continues to grow, Blockchain, although in the early stages, is showing promise to reduce transaction “friction”
  • Gartner believes the infrastructure is there to support new data and increased data from IoT. Gartner expects that by 2020 IoT storage demand will be less than 3%
  • Industrial IoT will bring more predictability to maintenance, benefiting the bottom line by reducing costs
  • In the coming years every $1 of innovation will also require $7 for deployment and operational costs
  • Company investment in fitness trackers will play a role in reducing employee health care costs, but there will be a need to address privacy and security
  • As augmented reality continues to gain traction through gaming, Gartner expects by  2020 that it will also be commonly used for shopping assistance by consumers

What technology trends is your IT team seeing take hold?