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When to Think About Cloud

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Is cloud still thought of as “separate” from your other operations and projects?  Allwyn Sequeira  of The Data Center Journal advises that we must break free from that mind-set and instead think of public cloud as a system that works with your data center and supplements what you are running on-premise today. Essentially, cloud is a key piece of a hybrid operation that can help improve performance, agility and scalability. Mr. Sequeira provides several scenarios where cloud adoption should be considered.

Equipment upgrades and refreshes.  Do you have local equipment close to reaching capacity or a new project that requires your system to scale?  It may seem automatic to request a price for new hardware to meet the new demand, but actually, this is a great time to explore what cloud options are available and how they would work with your data center. Cloud can be provisioned faster than new physical hardware, and long term cloud will allow you to scale and adapt to future needs quicker.

Mergers and acquisitions.  When a company merges with another or acquires new businesses, this is a great time to think through cloud adoption. The cloud can be a cost-effective solution for integrating new systems and it can reduce transition time versus building or installing new hardware.

Pilot projects and testing.  Many companies adopt cloud solutions for development and testing of new projects.  The cloud removes the need to provision specific hardware to the project reducing time and cost.

Look at cloud as another tool in your IT toolbox.  It should be considered like any other tool when you are creating solutions to meet business and market needs.