Five Best Practices for Understanding Customer Journeys

Understanding customers is the first step to successful marketing.  But did you know that understanding their journey can help you to capitalize on their experience with your brand?  Check out today’s e-Book on the 5 best practices for gaining this understanding, and how knowing this can help your bottom line:  

Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise

Navigating cloud migration can be a minefield, especially for large enterprises. The Evolving Solutions team discusses the key considerations when dealing with hybrid cloud.

We Have the People

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator  Every company has the best people, the best service, and the best products to offer; just ask their marketing team.  Evolving Solutions is no different, except that we really DO have the best people.  We talk a lot about how great our architects and consultants are, about how they are the … Continue reading “We Have the People”

Blockchain. A two-day dive into the concepts, operation and benefits of this technology.

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator  For two days in September, Evolving Solutions will host a Blockchain Immersion Event designed to take participants through implementation and installation of this technology in their own environments.  If you are curious about Blockchain and what it can do for your business, or curious about exploring the use of this technology on IBM’s most secure Z Systems server and … Continue reading “Blockchain. A two-day dive into the concepts, operation and benefits of this technology.”

Technology Partners: What a trusted partner can bring to your organization

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator  It’s a fact IT teams deal with more now than ever.  More devices, new apps, and fewer resources. The demand on IT professionals to maintain their environment, let alone to keep up or stay ahead of market trends is astounding.  Changes in the modern data center make it incredibly difficult to keep up, especially when other responsibilities require your attention.  But, you can’t hire more … Continue reading “Technology Partners: What a trusted partner can bring to your organization”

Machine Learning Has Vision

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator  Everyone is talking about machine learning; the benefits it has, the edge it give companies above the competition, the seemingly limitless capabilities the technology promises.  It’s all so easy to get lost in all the excitement, and let’s be honest, some of the use cases for implementing machine learning seem like … Continue reading “Machine Learning Has Vision”