Computers in 2017

In IBM’s annual “5 for 5″ list of technology predictions for the next five years the actual five senses were the focus reports Jared Newman of PC World. A sense of smell? A sense of taste? Maybe so. Check out what IBM predicts: Smell. IBM is predicting that computers could smell your breath to determine … Continue reading “Computers in 2017”

DNA for Data Storage

Lucas Mearian reports for Computerworld that during the next eight years the amount of data produced will exceed 40 zettabytes which equals 5,200GB of data for every man, woman and child on Earth. Many analysts have started to tackle the challenge this increase will bring to the data storage field. Recently, groups from both Harvard … Continue reading “DNA for Data Storage”

Michael Sly Now IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect

We are pleased to announce that Senior IBM Power Consultant, Michael Sly, is now an IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect (ISA). The IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect (ISA) certification is designed to enhance the technical sales and solution design skills of an individual within a Business Partner firm to be better able to define and … Continue reading “Michael Sly Now IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect”

CIO New Year’s Resolutions

Here is a fun post from Michael Friedenberg on Network World. What 10 resolutions should CIOs think about for 2013? Number 10: Lose some weight. Mr. Friedenberg means legacy systems. Number 9: Spend quality time with your “work” family. He points out especially chiefs of marketing, research and finance. Number 8: Exercise daily. Get out … Continue reading “CIO New Year’s Resolutions”