Choosing the Right Big Data Analytics Partner

Many companies struggle to implement a big data analytics solution that is fast, flexible and accessible. Most companies lack the internal expertise to manage this from end to end, so finding a trusted IT partner is critical.

Mary Shacklett of ZDnet provides these helpful tips on how to find the best IT partner for your company:

  • Knowledge. The right partner should be able to demonstrate use cases that are specific to your industry. Having an understanding of the business needs unique to your industry are important when it comes to implementing a big data analytics solution that will generate useful insights.
  • Scale. Your IT partner should offer you a big data solution that scales with your needs. This requires expertise in IT architecture to ensure a platform that is flexible.
  • Service. Your IT partner should be with you from assessment to implementation and provide great ongoing service and support.

Your IT partner should also take data security as seriously as you do.  The big data analytics solution should be compliant with the rules and regulations specific to your industry.  Your IT partner should be fluent in the specific data security challenges your company faces.

Finally, it can be easy to get bogged down with the volume of big data. The right IT partner knows that it is not the volume, but the value of the insights your big data analytics solutions can deliver that will provide your business with advantages.  Your IT partner should be able to help you define clear and measurable goals upfront to better ensure project success.

Want to learn more about which big data analytics solution is best for your business? Contact us today to get started. Our data discovery assessment services will identify your analytics needs and zero in on the platforms and solutions that will move you forward as a data-driven business.

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