CIOs Share Network Improvement Tips

Improving your networking solution can enhance performance and make data and applications more secure. A recent Forbes article gathered the following network improvement tips from leading CIOs.

  • Look to software not just hardware. CIOs are finding that hardware only improves bandwidth so far and are now leveraging software-defined network (SDN) solutions and network functions virtualization (NFV) to simplify administration and improve visibility.
  • Conquer latency. Latency is always an IT concern. Leading CIOs are moving to several new methods to combat such as, using file transfer acceleration technologies vs. TCP/IP protocol, implementing network monitoring tools and by breaking down large packets.
  • Understand application network usage. Many companies do not know how much capacity applications eat up. Mapping the impact of application use with other network factors helps IT gain a more complete picture of performance.
  • Prepare your network for the cloud. Cloud can change not only network management but also architecture. As cloud continues to enter our everyday operations, your network needs to be able to handle future public or private traffic and X-as-a-Service solutions.

Network performance is one piece of the puzzle. Network security is the other piece. A secure networking solution is fundamental to overall IT operations health. Here are several tips to consider for improving network security:

  • Micro-segmentation sets limitations and “zones of trust” to manage how far a group or individual can move within your network and access data
  • Many companies do not have a log or inventory of what devices access the network and when and where. Creating an inventory of network-connected devices can be key to improving visibility
  • Does your company utilize IoT technology? IoT devices are new entry and access points to your network and it is essential to think through access and security just as you would any other device or user

In today’s world, network performance is essential to keeping business users and customers happy and network security is crucial to keeping company data safe. Take the time to assess your networking solution and determine what improvements it may need.

Liz Young

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator
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