Cloudy Wednesday: The Weather Channel

Hurricane Sandy made possible a real live case study for the use of cloud computing this fall reports Brandon Butler for Network World. The Weather Channel which he reports normally supports 90 million Web and mobile users a month saw an increase to 450 million users during Hurricane Sandy on the east coast.

Luckily, The Weather Channel had recently moved its real-time radar mapping system to run in the cloud to be better prepared for traffic increases and decreases. Mr. Butler reports that on a typical day the mapping system runs on about 20 instances but during Hurricane Sandy it scaled up to run on 175 nodes in the cloud. The right amount of compute power allowed The Weather Channel to meet the demands of its users during the storm and allowed for as close to real-time radar updates as possible which is critical in a weather scenario.

Cloud computing continues to benefit those that need to be flexible to the ups and downs of traffic, allowing the ability to tab into more compute power just when it is needed . What are some other use cases that you can think of?

Liz Young

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator
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