Data Center Infrastructure Trends in 2017

Your data center infrastructure keeps your business operating day-in and day-out.  Our data centers need to be fast, flexible and efficient.  Security is also a top concern for IT managers.  Facility Executive highlights several infrastructure trends for 2017 that help IT meet these growing demands.

Micro data centers

Data center resources are being pushed closer to users and to processes to provide faster processing and delivery and to better analyze data collected by sensors and devices in real-time.  Micro data center use is growing and will continue to grow in 2017. IT teams are looking for solutions that support fast deployment, standardization and remote management to better handle a more distributed IT landscape.

Data center cooling

Important to data center infrastructure management is the cooling process. Thermal management strategies continue to change and new technologies provide more sustainable solutions.   Expect to see more use of evaporative and adiabatic cooling techniques that use water more efficiently to cool, and in some locations where water supplies are limited, companies will turn to waterless cooling systems.

Data center security

Security continues to be top of mind in 2017.  As more devices become connected, the data center is exposed to more security threats.  Managers are investing in tools and processes that help identify network weaknesses, increase visibility and provide early warning notifications to create more secure environments.

DCIM as a key discipline

In 2017, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) principles will continue to prove their value as data centers become more complex. DCIM will grow in importance as more IT teams tackle automation and manage hybrid operating environments.

Data center development

Data center design and deployment become more integrated in 2017. Markets change fast and the ability to quickly deploy a new data center and scale are important to staying competitive.  Combining design and development is helping to increase speed-to-market.

2017 will be the year of ensuring our data center infrastructure is up to the task of tackling today’s business and customer needs.

Liz Young

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator
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