Today’s Enterprise Data Center Security Concerns

Many IT teams are in the midst of planning for 2018 and enterprise data center security is likely a focus. IBM shares these common enterprise data center security concerns:

Operationalizing Data Center Security

More enterprises are looking for processes that allow them to better identify malicious behavior, isolate and fix.   This has become more difficult as enterprise data grows and can live both inside and outside of the data center.

Data Encryption

Here are a few interesting statistics from an August 2017 Forrester survey:

  • 46% of the leaders surveyed encrypt little to no data
  • Only 12% encrypt all of their data
  • 70% store critical data in the cloud
  • 85% of the leaders surveyed use data classification to determine which data is encrypted

These findings show two things. First, with only 12% of organizations encrypting all of their data there is a lot of data left unprotected, and second, 70% of those surveyed are storing critical data on the cloud, which means there is much more data outside of traditional enterprise data center security processes.  IT leaders are concerned about how to protect their data and balancing cost and risk is top of mind.  Pervasive encryption solutions may be the answer that many enterprises investigate more in 2018.

Zero Trust Enterprise Security

Today’s threats to the enterprise data center are ever-evolving.  Traditional enterprise data center security models have typically focused on protecting the perimeter and preventing threats from outside of the network.  However, once a threat breaches the network it can become invisible to conventional solutions.  A zero-trust security solution takes an “always verify” approach to further identify and isolate threats within the network.  66% percent of the leader surveyed by Forrester are using this enterprise security approach and this finding further demonstrates the need in 2018 to continue to protect the perimeter but also have a solid solution for preventing insider attacks.


If data center security concerns are keeping you and your team up at night, it may be time to talk to a trusted IT partner.  The Evolving Solutions team is here to listen and provide you a clear, workable solution. Contact us today.

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