Enterprise IT Infrastructure Predictions

Today let’s look at findings from IDC’s FutureScape Study provided by IBM and see what enterprise IT infrastructure predictions they are making:

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Predictions:

  • 60–70% of Fortune 2000 companies will have at least one mission-critical workload that leverages real-time big data analytics versus batch analytics. This will drive a rise in the need for the performance of end-to-end NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) storage technology
  • By 2021, 50% of enterprise IT infrastructure will use some form of artificial intelligence to improve productivity and reduce costs. AI will also be used to predict infrastructure problems and failures to better help organizations manage risk and downtime
  • Increased growth in the use of autonomous self-managing infrastructure. The rise in automation will happen because of the expansion of AI to address the need for faster business innovation to stay competitive
  • In 2021, $60 billion will be spent on hybrid cloud data services for data backup and recovery, security, integration and orchestration and compliance. Enterprise IT will further tier and prioritize what data is most important to manage ever growing volumes, but as data spreads out it becomes more complex to manage. Hybrid cloud data services will provide the flexibility enterprises need
  • Over half of enterprises will deploy universal encryption on server infrastructure by 2021. IBM z14 brought enterprises the first pervasive encryption approach. With security threats increasing enterprise leaders will continue to be interested in adopting universal encryption
  • SD-WAN as a networking solution will become more main-stream as enterprises further embrace cloud computing solutions and continue on a path to edge computing. SD-WAN can enable faster provisioning while also improving efficiency and staff productivity

More data volume and the need to provide increasing real-time insights is driving storage solution and management changes and the continued rise in cloud.  Security threats are pushing companies to rethink how to best encrypt and protect, and AI is making enterprise IT infrastructure faster and smarter.  No matter where your business is, Evolving Solutions can help you manage these ever-changing waters, so your IT infrastructure can meet the needs of your industry and marketplace.

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