Gartner: Outlook on IT Operations Management

IT operations leaders face constant change in today’s dynamic business environment. IT leaders must provide faster and more varied IT solutions while also balancing the need to keep infrastructure costs low and stable.  Today let’s look at key IT operations management trends from Gartner.

IT and Business

IT and business leaders are engaging differently and more directly than ever before. No longer is it as simple as building a “tool to fix the problem.” Instead, IT is at the table as a true partner designing IT solutions that innovate and drive business value.   IT teams today are also learning to handle and integrate business-driven IT spending. This has been a challenge, but IT leaders are working hard to build relationships with business stakeholders and update processes to stay central to technology conversations and integration. Finally, Gartner also sees modern IT becoming  a “broker of services” especially in the data center.  IT teams may see their delivery model more “cloud like” where services are delivered more on-demand fulfilling a specific need at that time.


Becoming more agile is also an IT challenge.  IT operations leaders must be able to respond to business needs while still maintaining stable IT infrastructure.  Gartner’s findings see a shift in the traditional IT operations model. Successful IT teams of the future will allocate resources for analytics and innovation that allow their current IT solutions to improve and evolve as needs change.

Managing Costs

Gartner also predicts that IT operations leaders will move to optimize costs not just manage costs. Gartner defines cost optimization as a continuous exploration of technology and approaches that add business value.  Optimizing IT costs is about finding better ways to automate and create efficiencies that ultimately free up funds for further innovation.

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