Hyperconverged Infrastructure in 2018

“Enterprises are shifting storage investments from legacy architectures to software-defined systems in an effort to achieve greater agility, easier provisioning and lower administrative costs. Hyperconverged systems – which combine storage, compute and network functionality in a single virtualized solution – are on their radars,” writes Ann Bednarz for Network World. Ms. Bednarz provides a look at what changes she is predicting in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology in 2018.

Hyperconverged infrastructure has helped many enterprises find ways to reduce the complexity of traditional storage solutions.  Not only does it simplify management, but HCI can also offer enterprises more flexibility to scale and grow.   This has been critical to success for many small and medium sized enterprises, but this is not always the case for large enterprises.   Ms. Bednarz’s article points out that the “single node purchase” required with HCI can often times lead to a mismatch in performance that can impact the overall system for large enterprises.  Another issue that has developed as enterprises grow and add more nodes is increased latency due to data locality.  Luckily, vendors are looking at ways to address both issues.

According to IDC, the largest segment of software-defined storage is hyperconverged infrastructure, and it is expected to have a five-year growth rate of  26%.   Vendors are working on ways to solve the issues mentioned above to make it more attractive to all enterprises.  First, in the future HCI deployments may also offer a disaggregated storage model which larger enterprises would like and benefit from.  Vendors are also looking at using NVMe over fabric to reduce latency.

With the consideration of any new technology, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to best evaluate if adoption will improve your operations. The Evolving Solutions team can help.  We provide assessments of your storage infrastructure that can help you learn more about where you are and what upgrades and changes could be most beneficial to meeting your long term goals. Contact us to get started.


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