Key Trends Shaping Big Data Analytics

We continue to see more and more businesses leverage the power of big data analytics to make decisions, grow their customer base and expand into new products and services. Today, let’s look at some of the trends driving this technology. If you are not yet using big data, at the end of this post we also outline how to get started.

Thor Olavsrud of CIO reports the following trends taking shape in the marketplace:

  • AI will continue to shape processing. Mr. Olavsrud points out that AI or Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella word for machine learning, machine intelligence and cognitive computing and is proving to be a good choice to provide better scale and processing efficiencies for high volume repetitive tasks
  • Silos of data will be replaced by clouds of data
  • Data governance will continue to be a top discussion point for companies as their data stores grow
  • IT will focus more on developing business-driven big data applications to ensure that big data analytics are being applied to real situations in real-time from back office processing to front office operations
  • Analytics decisions will continue to move from post-event and real-time to preemptive decisions based on analytics. More embedded analytics in applications and systems will help decision makers drive better business outcomes
  • “Data agility” will provide a clear competitive advantage. Big data analytics tools will continue to evolve to provide users the ability to understand data in context to take a business action
  • Hybrid data center architectures will continue to advance

How to get started with big data?

Big data analytics can bring more decision making power to your company to drive better outcomes, but your data center must be prepared to take advantage. Start with a review of your data center architecture. Evolving Solutions can help you take this initial step and partner with you to review your workloads, data needs and capabilities.

Liz Young

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator
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