Making a Difference in the Community

Technology is a key component for success not just for the business world but also for nonprofits who serve our communities, friends and family members in times of need.

CaringBridge, a Minnesota-based nonprofit, is one such organization where technology makes a huge difference.   With a mission to “amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier,” CaringBridge offers free websites to help those experiencing serious health events, care and recovery to help centralize communication and to rally support.  A little bit more about Caring Bridge:

  • Since 1997, over 675,000 CaringBridge websites have been created
  • 1 in 12 people in the U.S. used CaringBridge to rally support for a loved one during a health event
  • A new CaringBridge website is created every 6 minutes
  • An average of 215,000 people visit CaringBridge every day
  • Every hour 885 messages of love, hope and compassion are posted

To make all of this happen, the right IT infrastructure needs to be in place and that is where Evolving Solutions’ expertise and compassion come together. Eight years ago CaringBridge was facing a storage problem. At that time Evolving Solutions partnered with CaringBridge to determine the right storage infrastructure to handle the the vast amounts of photos and posts the site handles each year.  The Evolving Solutions team architected and donated a scalable, enterprise class storage solution which included integration, implementation, training and support services.

As users’ needs continue to evolve, the CaringBridge website and supporting technology also need to stay up-to-date.  Last year, Evolving Solutions saw another chance to help – this time involving employees, friends and family members in the effort.  The Evolving Solutions team created an employee-giving campaign to support CaringBridge’s Technology Innovation Fund. This fund helps CaringBridge keep their technology up-to-date and continuously improve the website user experience.  Evolving Solutions President, Jaime Gmach, offered to match the donated money dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000.

What a successful campaign it was! Employees responded with generosity, and Evolving Solutions donated $50,000 to CaringBridge in 2016.  We are proud of how our employees came together to support the CaringBridge mission to amplify love, hope and compassion.

Evolving Solutions employees donate to CaringBridge’s Technology Innovation Fund
Evolving Solutions employees donated $50,000 to CaringBridge’s Technology Innovation Fund in 2016.


Liz Young

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator
Photo of Liz Young

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