Data Management is a set of principals, ultimately leading to protecting company processes while enabling innovation.

Data management approaches and tools may change with adoption of cloud and other technologies, but the principles remain the same. Key questions for organizations include: 

  • What are we doing with that data and how does it support our business processes? 
  • How do we protect the data, regardless of where it is created or resides? 
  • How do we meet any audit requirement to prove regulatory compliance? 
  • How do we protect data that is cloud native or “born in the cloud”? 
  • How do we simplify access to data to drive innovation while remaining secure, protected and in compliance? 

“The data management market is highly dynamic. Shifting business requirements, coupled with advances in technology at multiple levels, including sensors, robotics, advanced analytics, and machine learning, and changes in basic application design principles are forcing rapid change to data management products that support them,”  

–Carl Olofson, research vice president for Data Management Software research, IDC  

Our approach to Data Management and Protection combines our decades of experience with modern approaches required for new workloads and data types. We start by helping you identify the role a workflow plays in your business and recommend the process and technology required to ensure your availability and cost requirements are met. 

  • Assess the business workflow 
  • Review the business impact  
  • Understand the data and platforms that support the workflow 
  • Map your technology strategy 
  • Recommend solution options to fit your needs

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