Reasons to Upgrade to vSphere 6.5

In a previous blog post we cited that approximately one half of all VMware vSphere customers have server virtualization solutions at version 5.5 or prior.  Besides the potential of being out-of-date, today, let’s look at a few more reasons why your company should consider upgrading to vSphere 6.5.

Reasons to upgrade to vSphere 6.5:

  • Reduce IT complexity. vSphere 6.5 has a new vCenter Server Appliance that increases performance and scale, provides backup and recovery and integrates host management and patching
  • Mitigate risk. Data can be encrypted both while at rest and in motion and can be better scaled across the data center
  • Drive IT Automation. VMware vSphere 6.5 APIs make it easier to automate data center functions
  • Secure the data center. vSphere 6.5 comes with more options to secure your data center infrastructure
  • Maximize resources. Using predictive modeling and analytics, vSphere 6.5 can help you use and allocate data center resources better
  • Take advantage of containers. Enterprise containers can be ran side by side with virtual machines with minimal tooling or process changes
  • Minimize downtime. New tools help you anticipate hardware failures so you can proactively reduce the impact
  • Easier management. The new user interface for vSphere 6.5 is HTML5-based, making managing the virtual data center easier
  • Improve compliance. New profile management tools help you better adhere to IT policies

Read more about these reasons to upgrade your server virtualization solution here.

Is your company ready for an upgrade?

Not sure if your data center infrastructure is ready for a server virtualization upgrade?  The Evolving Solutions team is here to help. We can assess your server infrastructure’s hardware, Guest Operating Systems and PCI options to assure compatibility with this new virtualization solution.  We will also work with you to identify other optimization possibilities such as over-sized virtual machines and options to rightsize infrastructure using the newest hardware.  Complete this contact form to get started.

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