Equipment life cycle management services save you time

Market and industry trends increasingly impact the way companies approach their data center equipment life cycle management. IT is tasked to not only increase system availability and responsiveness, but to dramatically cut costs and do more with less. Key concerns like aging infrastructures, escalating power and cooling costs, and increased space requirements drive companies to transform their approach to IT business processes, technology and data center management.

With an end-to-end view of the data center equipment lifecycle, Evolving Solutions considers the fundamental and key activities in each phase:

Life Cycle Management - Data Center Lifecycle Process


  • Define business/IT goals
  • Assess current state and organizational readiness
  • Develop high-level design
  • Identify technical requirements
  • Analyze ROI/TCO
  • Implement proof of concept testing
  • Develop project plan
  • Manage and control


  • Configure solutions
  • Deliver pricing quotes
  • Identify sourcing components
  • Handle logistics
  • Provide flexibility


  • Stage and integrate the system
  • Provide software imaging
  • Implement system testing
  • Tag equipment
  • Manage program


  • Perform site surveys
  • Provide implementation services
  • Conduct acceptance testing
  • Manage migration activities
  • Develop automation
  • Provide self service capabilities


  • Support and troubleshoot system
  • Complete moves, additions and changes
  • Monitor and manage
  • Perform system maintenance
  • Provide optimization services
  • Ensure business continuity


  • Dispose of equipment
  • Remarket equipment
  • Destroy secure data
  • Upgrade/cascade