Our modern platform services bring our expertise to your business

Cultivating a high-functioning data center and/or on-premise cloud deployment is challenging for even the most seasoned technology professional. Evolving Solutions’ services professionals are an extension of your team, working seamlessly to manage an efficient environment that supports your business goals. You can rely on our expertise to free up resources for you to focus on the most critical tasks.

Modern Platform Services:

Technical Services 

Full-Service Integrator

We manage technology platform (compute, storage, hyperconverged, networking, etc.) integrations from start to finish, beginning with assessing your needs/objectives, solution configuration, selecting the appropriate operating systems and hypervisors, and ending with logistics services, implementation support and skills transfer.

Custom Configurations

We often provide custom integrations, where we work with you to develop build specifications to meet your unique requirements.

Operating System Installations

Our technologists have experience with all operating systems, making any installation a breeze.

IT Equipment Removal and Disposal

As IT equipment becomes dated or unstable, our team securely removes and disposes of the data center hardware to help you make space for more modern technologies.

Certified Data Erasure

Safely and securely removing data from your old IT equipment is paramount; we deliver certified solutions that make the process easy for your team.

Maintenance & Lifecycle Management

Managing maintenance contracts and data center infrastructure is time consuming and complicated. Our Lifecycle Management team works hard to make this a simple task. Learn more about our  IT Portfolio Management Services.

Support Services 

Staff Augmentation

If you need extra skills and support for your data center projects, our team of qualified consultants can be on staff can assist in your office or remotely.

Services Contracts

We work with you to create a service contract to fulfill your project needs in a variety of areas of expertise.

Problem Determination and Resolution

Many clients need help understanding their data center problems or verifying issues. We can help you through the entire process.

Proof of Concepts

Want to test a new solution in your environment to ensure it will fit your needs? We have the resources, facilities and capabilities to get you started.

Product Demonstrations

Our Innovation Center is equipped with a wide range of modern platforms, software solutions and public cloud assets to give you an on-site or remote demonstration of a wide variety of technology capabilities.

Interoperability, Performance and Disaster Recovery Testing

Our on-site Innovation Center and Integration Lab allow us to effectively test your solutions for maximum performance before you implement the solution.

Proactive Services 

  • Data Center Health Checks and Assessments
  • Help Desk
  • Uptime and Performance Monitoring
  • Microcode Upgrades
  • Patch Management
  • Data Migration Planning