A Holistic Approach to Application Monitoring

When IT focuses on process automation, every aspect of the process is transformed. Our Enterprise Monitoring & Analytics (EMA) team is centered around desired business outcomes. This creates significant advantages over a tool-based approach to application monitoring, which hinges on responding to events. It is purpose-built as the hub that leads to ongoing conversations with all stakeholders for process performance.

Why You Need Enterprise Monitoring & Analytics

CEO Jaime Gmach and Practice Director Nate Austin discuss our approach to application monitoring.

Our Approach to EMA

In our approach to application monitoring, we do not just make decisions based on the data we have available; rather, we gather data based on the decisions we need to make. Just this subtle change shifts the performance monitoring conversation from a reactive posture to a proactive posture. Our EMA team focuses first on the decisions you need help making. Then we help you develop processes and tooling that gathers that decision-driving data.

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How the Center of Excellence Model Makes a Difference

At Evolving Solutions, we work under a workflow model we call the Center of Excellence (COE). The COE is agile like a project group, but stakeholders take on perpetual responsibilities in the organization. This team initiates the conversations that increase the value of your brand-defining workflows. Discover how we can put this model to work in your organization.

Action Recommendations

  • Institute a workflow-centric monitoring approach
  • Create plans to seek insights into process performance, not just component performance
  • Organize cross-functional teams and processes to enable the foundation of success
  • Develop KPIs based on business outcomes and end-user experience requirements
Coworkers working together in office.


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