Emerging Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

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By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator

I recently hit up one of our visionaries here at Evolving Solutions, our CTO, Michael Downs, to get his take on the technological trends we can expect to see in the coming year.  Michael evaluates emerging and disruptive technologies.  He brings together the real-world experience our team possesses to help our clients implement solutions that are agile, offering as much longevity as technology allows.

He offered some really great insight on some pretty cool emerging technologies and I had to share three of them because I think they are something to look forward to.


IT Automation is the trend that keeps coming back. We’ve been talking about IT automation for decades, but it has taken on increasing relevance with most infrastructure now able to be treated as code for deployment and changes. This has allowed developers to integrate the development automation they already created with deployment automation for infrastructure.

The rise of both containers and “server-less” application development models have made automation required. Managing a container that might only run for less than 30 seconds before it’s deleted simply can’t be managed with more traditional manual processes.


After several years of crypto currency hype and over-promise for solving every enterprise problem, some practical and realistic implementations are starting to emerge.

In spite of the reputation for Blockchain supporting interactions between completely untrusting, anonymous parties, the “permissioned Blockchain” model, where the participants are known is showing significant promise for enterprise use cases.

Deriving value from enterprise Blockchain implementations usually necessitates a consortium. We recommend you identify others in your industry or value chain who would also benefit from a shared ledger and work with them on use cases.

Quantum Computing

Undoubtedly the most futuristic and uncertain area of emerging technology. Tremendous energy and time is being spent on Quantum Computing research by companies with the resources, capabilities and interests to achieve breakthroughs. IBM (https://quantumexperience.ng.bluemix.net/qx/experience)  and Google (https://ai.google/research/teams/applied-science/quantum-ai/) both have significant efforts and are  enlisting developers to experiment with algorithms and programming models through their respective portals and cloud based offerings.

In addition to the technical challenges related to making a commercially viable Quantum Computer, use cases that truly take advantage of the unique computational paradigm of Quantum Computing are still being developed. Physical Chemistry, cryptography and certain artificial intelligence use cases seem the most promising, but until more people outside of research laboratories begin to understand the true nature of Quantum Computing, it’s potential will remain limited.

Automation, Blockchain and Quantum Computing are just a few of the technologies that should make 2019 interesting.   I know Evolving Solutions will be watching these technologies for their potential in helping our clients solve their organizational challenges so stay tuned to our blog and social media for more!

Liz Young - Evolving Solutions

Liz is the Marketing Coordinator and is responsible for the digital/social strategy, content creation and campaign execution for Evolving Solutions. She handles all online platforms including the Evolving Solutions website, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Liz works with the incredibly talented sales, consultant, and architect teams to ensure we offer the best support to our clients. From creating collateral, to planning world-class events, Liz works to ensure our best foot is always forward.

With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Liz is also pursuing a journalism degree at the University of Minnesota.

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Michael joined Evolving Solutions in 2014 to develop solutions for our clients across hardware and software, both on and off premise. He brings over 18 years of creating architectures to solve complex business problems including big data, high performance computing, integration, automation and end user computing.

His broad technology, business and industry experience provides valuable perspective to our clients working to implement innovative technologies to support their success.

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Press Release: Introducing New IT Consulting Firm Keyva

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New IT Consulting Firm Helps Businesses Prioritize Innovation

Minneapolis, MN, October 1, 2018 – Keyva, a new IT innovation consulting firm, opened its doors for business today. Keyva is the vision of technology industry veteran, Jaime Gmach, who founded the company to help businesses free up more time to focus on innovation.

After founding and leading the technology solutions company, Evolving Solutions, for the last 23 years, Gmach came to realize that while many of Evolving Solutions’ clients would like to prioritize innovation, they are simply too busy with everyday tasks.

“Most organizations realize that improvement and innovation are critical to their success,” says Gmach. “However, business needs force them to focus on simply keeping the hamster wheel spinning. Our goal with Keyva is to help organizations increase time spent on innovation from an industry average of 10% up to their desired target of 40%.”

The Keyva value-proposition is two-fold. 1) Create efficiency via automation, and 2) Lead transformation by dedicating “new” time to innovation and future-forward initiatives.

Keyva consultants meet with the client to identify business opportunities, create vendor-agnostic automation solutions tailored to their specific needs and help them transform their overall capabilities.

“We know that every client’s “today” and ”tomorrow” looks different,” says Gmach. “Our approach is to meet our clients where they are at today, and then guide them forward from there. We make today more efficient, so they can innovate for tomorrow.”

Our consultants help enterprises to automate multi-clouds, multi-vendors, processes, applications and infrastructure within their environment.  From determining issues to developing a strategy to execution of automation, we thoroughly walk our clients through each step.

Current Evolving Solutions clients will have the opportunity to work with both companies.  Evolving Solutions and Keyva will be affiliated businesses, and Gmach will lead both organizations as CEO.  Both organizations possess experienced leadership teams, and the sales teams will be able to engage SMEs from both companies to deliver a much broader set of solutions for their clients.

About Keyva

Keyva is a consulting firm focused on delivering innovative technology solutions. Keyva simplifies IT to free up time and allow businesses to focus on their core offering and on customer value. Keyva consultants help enterprises automate multi-clouds, multi-vendors, processes, applications and infrastructure within their environment, while leading transformation initiatives to allow companies to take the next step on their business journey.  Learn more at www.keyvatech.com.

About Evolving Solutions

Evolving Solutions has been focused on creating long-term client relationships for over 23 years.  Equipped with exceptional data center technology and trusted talent, we offer expertise primarily in the areas of IT infrastructure, cloud and software solutions. We help companies thrive by providing modern and innovative IT solutions to best manage their data. We’re able to do this by hiring the best technical talent and partnering with quality manufacturers over years of experience in the industry.  From the beginning, we’ve made hiring the right people a priority. We are careful to hire competent and talented individuals, so the job is always done right.  Learn more at www.evolvingsol.com.