Data Center: Balancing Innovation and Cost

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An IT budget can both drive innovation and hinder innovation.  Hinder may be what many data center teams feel each month as they work hard to stay within budget targets or work on the explanations to explain overages.  It is important to find the balance between day-to-day costs and the need to innovate to ensure the data center keeps pace with future demands. Exploring the true costs of legacy systems and conducting a data center assessment can be a great way to find opportunities to gain balance.

Address Legacy Systems

Many companies still have legacy systems in place. Legacy data center systems can be costly to continue to run and maintain and can eat up a lot of budget dollars. Also, sometimes companies just fund legacy systems to keep them running or keep the lights on, but this strategy is risky since a legacy system could eventually break down.  Evaluate the cost of operating your legacy systems and the costs for fixes and replacements. Next, identify the risks to the company if the legacy system were to fail as well as what long-term business goals cannot be accomplished given the current IT infrastructure.  This exercise will allow you to gain cost clarity and help you develop good cost-benefit analysis.

Look for Opportunities

It is important to regularly explore how your data center could be improved operationally and what upgrades may be needed to increase performance. Often our clients come to us for a Data Center Assessment for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Recognize risk
  • Understand capacity
  • Improve efficiency
  • Determine budget
  • Plan future upgrades

All of these reasons also involve a cost and innovation element.  Implementing new technology or changing a long-standing process could be just what your data center needs to improve performance and decrease costs, making room for investment in innovation.

If you would like to learn more, contact our team for the types of data center assessment services we offer and discuss which might be best for you.

Top Data Center Trends

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In the coming years, as new technology and applications place more demands on the data center, IT leaders will be looking to modernize and adopt solutions that allow for maximum flexibility, agility and efficiency. Today’s let’s look at the top data center trends from IDC:

  • Increased data center modernization: IDC predicts that 55% of enterprises will have modernized their data center architecture by 2020. This surge in updates will be driven by heavier workloads and new application demands
  • Continued workload rationalization: companies will continue to look for efficiencies in workload handling that could drive lasting changes in operations
  • Increased use of modular power and cooling techniques: data center facilities will be looking to these techniques to ramp up efficiency and contain costs
  • Consumption- based IT becomes the norm: with “as-a-service” models improving, IDC expects that traditional methods of procurement will make up far less of IT spending
  • Increased data controls: investments made today will start to bear fruit giving enterprises more control across all their operating environments from in-house, cloud to edge
  • Migration to software-defined IT continues to grow: IDC predicts that with the increased need for speed and flexibility and demands for efficiency, more  enterprises will need to migrate traditional IT infrastructure to software-defined solutions
  • IT leaders work to make edge data centers “smart”: IT will continue to work in the coming years to better link core and edge systems to support their company’s digital transformation

Is your data center facing increased pressure from the demands of new technology and applications?  Make 2018 the year to do more than just get by.  The team at Evolving Solutions can help you define clearly where your data center is, where it needs to go and what solutions will get you there.  We can help you stay on top of these data center trends.

We offer several types of data center assessments from cloud readiness, server and storage consolidation needs to overall data center health that will help ensure your data center is ready to tackle the trends to come.