Emerging Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

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By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator

I recently hit up one of our visionaries here at Evolving Solutions, our CTO, Michael Downs, to get his take on the technological trends we can expect to see in the coming year.  Michael evaluates emerging and disruptive technologies.  He brings together the real-world experience our team possesses to help our clients implement solutions that are agile, offering as much longevity as technology allows.

He offered some really great insight on some pretty cool emerging technologies and I had to share three of them because I think they are something to look forward to.


IT Automation is the trend that keeps coming back. We’ve been talking about IT automation for decades, but it has taken on increasing relevance with most infrastructure now able to be treated as code for deployment and changes. This has allowed developers to integrate the development automation they already created with deployment automation for infrastructure.

The rise of both containers and “server-less” application development models have made automation required. Managing a container that might only run for less than 30 seconds before it’s deleted simply can’t be managed with more traditional manual processes.


After several years of crypto currency hype and over-promise for solving every enterprise problem, some practical and realistic implementations are starting to emerge.

In spite of the reputation for Blockchain supporting interactions between completely untrusting, anonymous parties, the “permissioned Blockchain” model, where the participants are known is showing significant promise for enterprise use cases.

Deriving value from enterprise Blockchain implementations usually necessitates a consortium. We recommend you identify others in your industry or value chain who would also benefit from a shared ledger and work with them on use cases.

Quantum Computing

Undoubtedly the most futuristic and uncertain area of emerging technology. Tremendous energy and time is being spent on Quantum Computing research by companies with the resources, capabilities and interests to achieve breakthroughs. IBM (https://quantumexperience.ng.bluemix.net/qx/experience)  and Google (https://ai.google/research/teams/applied-science/quantum-ai/) both have significant efforts and are  enlisting developers to experiment with algorithms and programming models through their respective portals and cloud based offerings.

In addition to the technical challenges related to making a commercially viable Quantum Computer, use cases that truly take advantage of the unique computational paradigm of Quantum Computing are still being developed. Physical Chemistry, cryptography and certain artificial intelligence use cases seem the most promising, but until more people outside of research laboratories begin to understand the true nature of Quantum Computing, it’s potential will remain limited.

Automation, Blockchain and Quantum Computing are just a few of the technologies that should make 2019 interesting.   I know Evolving Solutions will be watching these technologies for their potential in helping our clients solve their organizational challenges so stay tuned to our blog and social media for more!

Liz Young - Evolving Solutions

Liz is the Marketing Coordinator and is responsible for the digital/social strategy, content creation and campaign execution for Evolving Solutions. She handles all online platforms including the Evolving Solutions website, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Liz works with the incredibly talented sales, consultant, and architect teams to ensure we offer the best support to our clients. From creating collateral, to planning world-class events, Liz works to ensure our best foot is always forward.

With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Liz is also pursuing a journalism degree at the University of Minnesota.

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Michael joined Evolving Solutions in 2014 to develop solutions for our clients across hardware and software, both on and off premise. He brings over 18 years of creating architectures to solve complex business problems including big data, high performance computing, integration, automation and end user computing.

His broad technology, business and industry experience provides valuable perspective to our clients working to implement innovative technologies to support their success.

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Benefits of IT Managed Services

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Today’s IT teams wear many hats and are typically stretched at capacity or even beyond.  This leaves little time to step away from day-to-day data center operations to focus on driving innovation and supporting new revenue streams.  The rapid adoption of new technology further taxes employees, as the team struggles to become subject matter experts in cloud, big data, IoT and other data center changes.  Utilizing outside IT managed services can be a great way to alleviate some of these pain points.

Adopting IT managed services can help you:

  • Free up time from day-to-day, back-end tasks  for other project work
  • Provide access to expertise that your team does not have in-house
  • Increase scalability as IT needs change
  • Refocus your team back to what they know best – your business and industry

Imagine more time to focus on projects that go beyond maintaining the status quo and instead help your company grow.

Using IT managed services can certainly free up time, but before making a switch be sure to take time do answer these questions:

  • What data center operations are consuming most of your team’s time?
  • What technologies are your team struggling to keep pace with?
  • What pieces of your data center operations are more standard and which are unique only to your company?
  • What do you wish your team could focus on more?

Find the right partner.

It is important to find the right IT partner when looking into managed services.  Look for a partner that is proactive –they know exactly what can cause data center downtime and problems and keep on top of looking for the warning signs.  Your IT partner should have the right expertise.  If it is data center backup and recovery that you want to hire out, than your IT service provider should be able to demonstrate specific expertise and the proven track record of success.  Finally, the right IT partner doesn’t just manage the systems you have. A true partner has your pocketbook in mind as well and provides recommendations to improve operations and lower costs.

Evolving Solutions’ IT managed services can not only help you free up your team’s time, but our expertise in backup and recovery, server monitoring and data center management will ensure your data center is operating at its best.  Our engineering services also help you proactively plan for improvements and future needs. Contact us to learn more.

IT Solutions to Tackle Today’s Data Center Concerns

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Heading into 2018 IT leaders have real concerns about their  data center operations and team.  Today let’s look at some of these concerns and how our IT solutions and services can help.

Legacy systems – legacy systems still play a role in many data centers.  As business needs have changed so to have the demands on IT solutions and equipment, but moving to a new system presents many complications.

Innovation – the responsibility to drive innovation and ultimately revenue has also made its way to IT.  For some leaders, it is about navigating digital transformation projects and for others it is about freeing up team time from day-to-day operational work for new projects.

Data – one simple word but an ever growing one in today’s data center.  The increase in the volume and types of data has taxed many data center storage solutions to the max.  Coupled with the need to produce better data analytics and insights, managing data better is top of mind for leaders.

Staff and the skills gap – With the labor market tight IT leaders face a shortage of employees in general, and  new technologies are increasing the demand to provide training and education for their workforce.

The good news is that Evolving Solutions has the IT solutions and services that can help you tackle these data center concerns. First, our team knows data centers inside and out.  Our data center assessment services,  Innovation Center and Integration Lab not only help you determine where to get started but can also provide unique access to test drive and down the road more easily integrate new solutions and hardware into your operations. If data is your biggest concern, Evolving Solutions can help you find the best data storage solution and our big data analytics team is plugged into the latest tools that can help you drive actionable insights.  Finally, we recognize that today’s IT teams wear many hats. Our professional and managed data center services can help take away some of the day-to-day burden from your team, so they can focus back on projects that drive innovation for the company.

Contact us today and let’s get to work in 2018!

Risky Business Continuity Planning Assumptions

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In a previous blog post we talked about several common misconceptions that companies have about their business continuity solutions that make their disaster recovery plans less effective. Those three misconceptions were:

  • Assuming employees can work from home. Not true since even employee homes could have damage and loss of access
  • Assuming the communication plan is fully fleshed out. It is important to remember all stakeholders in a disaster event and that includes employees, business partners and customers
  • Assuming the data backup solution will make restoring no problem. A one-size-fits-all solution is not the most effective way to backup your data. A better approach is to tier your data and applications by importance and look to a variety of data backup solutions that can help speed recovery of crucial pieces.

Today, let’s add to that list and talk about two other risky assumptions that are common with business continuity planning.

Risky Assumption #1 – My disaster recovery plan works because it is tested every year.

Unfortunately, a yearly test is not viable in today’s data center environments.  More data, the combination of physical and virtual infrastructures and fast changing applications mean that your periodic testing may not be in sync with your data center as it is at the present moment.  Also many times tests only occur for a subset of data and systems vs. full-scale testing. Testing can be expensive and time-consuming for most organizations. Cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery solutions can be the key to gaining not only more comprehensive testing but also access to expertise and skills that your team may not have which could ultimately speed recovery when it is needed.

Risky Assumption #2 – The plan works because we successfully recovered our data and systems.

The initial recovery is one piece of a disaster recovery plan. A complete business continuity solution needs to also account for failover, or the process of returning operations back to the production environment.  This too challenges many data center teams because employees lack the expertise needed for seamless failover processes.

Create a more effective business continuity solution.

If these assumptions sound familiar to you, it may be time for you to sit down with a trusted IT partner to assess your business continuity and disaster recovery solution.  You may be surprised to learn about new technologies in disaster recovery, like cloud, that can bring you more protection and faster recovery.  Contact Evolving Solutions and let our team help you better protect your data.

The Right Partner Is Critical for Successful Data Center Implementations

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When it comes to a hardware or software data center implementations or a data migration it is common to be concerned about the process, cost, potential problems and risks.  Add on top of those concerns, the realization that your IT team may be short on the specific technical expertise to ensure a smooth transition to the new IT solution.

The right partner with the right data center implementation services can help you overcome these concerns.

Technical Expertise

Our clients know their IT systems in and out and work very hard to ensure that the technology can meet the challenges within their industries and unique marketplaces.  But when it comes to adding new data center hardware or software most often our clients are unfamiliar with the specifics and do not have the expertise to confidently navigate.

The list of concerns can be quite long and that is understandable. Businesses and their IT teams worry about data center downtime or even loosing critical information during a data migration or new hardware or software implementation. Turning to a trusted partner with a long history in implementing IT solutions and migrating data is critical to ensuring a smooth and worry-free (or greatly reduced!) transition.

Cost and Schedule

Managing costs and keeping to a schedule that reduces or eliminates downtime is equally tough and right up there with the technical concerns.  This is where working with a partner who can draw on specific expertise can really make the difference.  For example, here at Evolving Solutions our specialist have over 20 years of industry experience and a solid sense of what works and what doesn’t.  We also offer our clients access to our Integration Lab where the new data center solution is tested, installed, configured and prepared for your IT equipment offering a much smoother transition into your data center.

Data Center Implementation Services

The right technology partner has your needs in mind and takes the time to understand your unique situation.  The right technology partner offers you a full and comprehensive data center implementation services – from the first project discussion through install to the last employee question.

At Evolving Solutions not only are we there during the implementation process from start to finish, but we also offer training and documentation services.  We educate your team and show them how to manage their new solution, ensuring a smoother transition both from the technical and people perspective.

We invite you to check out our data center implementation services or better yet, contact us so we can speak directly about your project.