Join Us in Celebrating 25 Years of Success

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The year 2021 is a special one for Evolving Solutions—it marks our 25th anniversary.

If you’ve ever started a business, you know there are countless decisions to make before launch day. That was certainly the case as we prepared to open Evolving Solutions in 1996. Picture a late dinner after a long day, with potential names being scribbled on bar napkins. Ultimately, Evolving Solutions just sounded right. As a startup technology business, we knew that change would be constant. And while the term ‘solutions’ was not ubiquitous at the time, it is now at the core of technology vocabulary.

After a quarter century of helping our clients achieve their goals, the name Evolving Solutions carries real meaning. It is our reputation. Our clients and vendor partners recognize us for our expertise; they recognize and share the values we hold as a company.

We began in 1996 selling recertified technology solutions to clients. The market was mature, but from the start, we sought to differentiate ourselves. We believed an opportunity existed to innovate in an industry that to a large degree was led by salespeople.

By contrast, our staff consisted predominantly of technologists. They worked hand-in-hand with salespeople to craft IT solutions that met clients’ specific needs—and still apply that approach today. It sounds so simple and obvious now, but our approach represented a drastic departure from how things were done. We would deliver business value along with the technology.

Propelled by Our People

Early on, we recognized that we had the right idea. Over time, the right people—our employees—have helped Evolving Solutions grow and thrive. Our company has developed a unique culture—one that is driven by a team of talented people whose personalities and skills complement one another.

I believe many businesses fail to consider the big picture when it comes to individual hiring. At Evolving Solutions, we do not hire someone based on what they can do for us tomorrow, next week,or this quarter. We really try to understand how they fit into the business long term. That is why we welcomed Nate Austin to lead our Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice last year and are onboarding a leader that is the right fit to expand our networking practice in 2021.

Reflecting on 25 Years in Business

I am eternally grateful for the assistance and support of all the individuals who have helped make Evolving Solutions the company it has become. When we started, I was fortunate to be joined in the new initiative by several former co-workers. Individually we knew one another well. As a group, we shared common professional goals. That they were willing to take the risk of joining a startup still means so much. I can never thank them enough for their hard work and faith in what we were all trying to accomplish.

I am also so appreciative of our clients for their trust and continued support. Thank you for partnering with us over the past 25 years. We have all grown together while sharing a fun and incredibly exciting ride. We are honored to celebrate our 25th anniversary with you, and we look forward to many more successful years together.

Evolving Solutions Author:
Jaime Gmach
President & CEO

How Our Core Values Guide Our IT Solutions

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Starting a business has always been challenging. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of new businesses fail within two years of opening. Only 25% make it to 15 years. Considering those numbers, you can see why we are so excited about celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Achieving this milestone is an accomplishment. Our longevity speaks to the business decisions that we have made over time—and in many cases these decisions aligned with the business decisions that our clients have made.

This milestone also speaks to our core values as an organization. From the moment we opened our doors in 1996, we understood the opportunity and the challenges ahead of us. Our clients understand that when we start a job, we’re going to finish it to their complete satisfaction. As a company, we will always do the right thing—not just from a technical standpoint, but from a personal perspective.

Our Company’s Core Values

Evolving Solutions is driven by an incredibly talented team of employees who collectively deliver business value to our clients. As part of launching a business operating system called EOS®, we derived our core values:

1) Do the Right Thing

2) Be a Team Player

3) Be Humbly Confident

These same values continue to be the foundation of our company in 2021.

At Evolving Solutions, our technologists are missioned with helping clients solve problems—and when complex IT architectures are in play, that often requires deep skills married with a willingness to search for solutions.

Regardless of whether it is a new challenge or one we have solved before, know that these three values are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make at Evolving Solutions. We hire by them. We choose our business partners by them. We try to live by these standards not just on the job, but in our personal lives as well.

Evolving Solutions Author:
Jaime Gmach
President & CEO


Offering Partnerships and Practice Areas to Meet Clients’ Needs

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In 25 years of business, we have achieved many milestones. One of the most significant occurred in 2000 when Evolving Solutions became an IBM Business Partner. The process was not easy—forging such a relationship with a tech giant requires substantial investments of time and resources.

The investments that we made then in personnel and technology have continued to pay dividends after two decades. Virtually every day we see the benefits of our partnership with IBM. Initially, it allowed us to make critical technology investments, including the construction of our Client Innovation Center. Over the long haul, the trajectory of our partnership allowed us to develop and build other vendor partner relationships. Today, Evolving Solutions partners with 45-50 additional technology vendors, including Red Hat, HPE, Nutanix, Cisco, VMWare, and more.

Our many strategic partnerships are not one-time affairs. On an annual basis, Evolving Solutions technologists take and renew numerous technical certifications. Our partnerships also create opportunities to further invest in our operations to better serve our clients.

Practice Areas for Today’s Business Needs

Our partnerships have also been the foundation upon which we built our many practice areas.

In recent years, we have launched or reinforced new practice areas to more closely align our core technical skills with clients’ needs and aspirations. The first is automation and orchestration, which allows us to help clients automate their business processes on a large scale. The ultimate goal is to leverage clients’ existing IT architecture and layer incremental tools and processes.

The second practice is enterprise monitoring and analytics, which involves monitoring client application environments to help ensure that they’re running at optimal efficiency. Watch this video to learn how our EMA team can help your organization.

The third practice is what we call next-generation networking. This is part of our ongoing efforts to help clients move to cloud environments. Our technologists can help you create new efficiencies in the architecture you already have or provision a new environment that leverages public and private cloud deployments.

The fourth practice area is security. An organization’s data is often its most valuable asset, so keeping that data accessible and out of the hands of bad actors is the utmost priority.

Tailored Technology

Over the last 25 years, the needs of our clients have changed dramatically. Evolving Solutions has grown our practice areas and strategic partnerships to meet those needs. Today, the primary driver of that change is hybrid cloud computing. Tomorrow will bring new technology drivers.

I am confident we have the team and the partnerships to take on any IT challenge our clients are facing.

Evolving Solutions Author:
Jaime Gmach
President & CEO

Evolving Solutions Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

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  • For 25 years, the organization has provided clients with technology solutions for their unique requirements.
  • Evolving Solutions team has grown 40% in the past two years and experienced significant revenue growth.
  • Culture, community, and core values have driven success and retention.

Evolving Solutions Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

MINNEAPOLIS, January 25th, 2021Evolving Solutions, a leading hybrid cloud, infrastructure, and application services provider, celebrates its 25th year in business. The organization helps clients modernize their most critical technology investments to enable business transformation. Clients include global enterprises in healthcare, medtech, and consumer brands, with many relationships lasting over 15 years.

“We formed the organization to fill a need for strong technical expertise as a way to differentiate. That need has resonated, and we kept the emphasis on the technical prowess,” says Jaime Gmach, chief executive officer of Evolving Solutions. “I began my career on the technology side of the house. I knew with that background, combined with my business acumen and the addition of unique elements of innovation, I could improve on an already successful model.”

Gmach has kept that emphasis on technical expertise, relationships, and community. The on-premises innovation center and integration lab at the headquarters remain unique to the industry. The headquarters is located in Hamel, MN, with team members in Omaha, Scottsdale, San Antonio, and Boston. Top talent has remained, and the team has grown by 40 % in the past two years.

Jim Pross, senior solution architect at Evolving Solutions, reflects on his 21 years with the company. “I am constantly being educated and challenged. I still know I am empowered to support the clients how I see fit, and the culture created is one of integrity. We do it right every time,” Pross says. “We take a holistic approach to the client’s tech stack with the ability to see beyond today’s needs.

Over the past 25 years, key milestones have contributed to growth. Strengthened vendor partnerships, including achieving IBM Platinum, Red Hat Apex, and HPE Platinum designations, brought new offerings. The organization implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) in 2017 and the Business Evaluation Approach (BEA) to add accountability and fuel innovation. Most importantly, the organization established core values to help navigate decision-making, hire the right people, and empower the team to do the right thing.

“The tech industry is on an unprecedented and exciting trajectory. Our longevity in business can help other organizations take a proactive approach to industry changes,” concludes Gmach. “We are set up for success for the next 25 years and will continue to make investments in the latest technologies and talent. In the end, it is the success of our team that will prevail. We cannot achieve maximum results without a relentless commitment to cultivating strong client and employee loyalty.”


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Beth Naffziger, Director of Marketing,

About Evolving Solutions

Evolving Solutions is a technology solutions provider that helps clients modernize and automate their mission-critical applications and infrastructure to support business transformation. Our business is client-centric consulting and delivery of technical solutions to enable modern operations in a hybrid cloud world.

Evolving Solutions has deep partner relationships with IBM, HPE, Cisco, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, NetApp, Nutanix, Azure, Red Hat, AWS, and over 70 other vendors that help us deliver exceptional results to service our clients’ technology needs. Learn more at

Red Hat Summit 2019

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By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator

Our team checked out the Red Hat Summit 2019 in Boston and came back with some amazing thoughts about the future of IT.  As a technically-focused event, it came as no surprise that there were plenty of quality technical sessions to choose from and the Evolving Solutions team took advantage of the opportunity to learn from thought leaders.

The theme for the event this year was “Expand” and it focused on bringing value of not just open source, but open culture to promote more innovation by organizations. The appearance of Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) alongside James Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO, on stage was a coupling for the decade and something which even just two years ago seemed highly unlikely.  This was all incredibly appropriate considering the notable joint announcements between Red Hat and Microsoft throughout the summit, highlighting their growing relationship, which is largely driven by customer demand.

Of course, the pending IBM acquisition of Red Hat was a common side topic. IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty’s comments during the keynote remarking that Red Hat would continue to operate as a separate entity drew enthusiastic support from all in attendance.

On a deeper and more technical note, we learned that Microsoft Azure is now supporting Red Hat OpenShift, which is a big deal for heavy Azure shops who want to do more with OpenShift, the market leader in Cloud Platform for DevOps.  This article shares the pertinent details of this new revelation.

Also announced was the General Availability of a new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), version 8.  There was more great content and deep technical information about Red Hat’s market-leading Kubernetes platform, OpenShift, as well.

Overall, Red Hat is positioning themselves as the go-to enterprise operating system in the data center and in hybrid cloud.  They have dramatically improved their automation and orchestration across the data center and in the cloud and can manage virtual and physical environments.  With our own hybrid cloud vision, we’ll be working with Red Hat closely in the coming months with keen interest on what they can bring to our clients.

If you want to know more about this information or anything else pertaining to the Summit, your data center, or anything else that’s on your mind, we’d be happy to chat.  Feel free to reach out to your account executive or our team and we’d be happy to chat!