CIO Resolutions for the New Year

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With January winding down, some of our resolutions seem like mere memories but others are keeping us grounded for the year to come.  So it is for CIOs as well in the coming year, Gartner analysts Mark Raskino and John Mahoney write for Forbes, “in 2015, CIOs are expected to drive more digital business innovation. In order to achieve this, they must gradually elevate their role, and that of the IT organization, to reposition themselves more as an agenda setter.”

Mr. Raskino and Mr. Mahoney lead us through ten CIO resolutions for 2015:

  • Redesign your business on a blank sheet of paper. They suggest thinking way outside the normal boundaries of the CIO role and draw a “brand-new version of your business, based on modern digital capabilities”
  • Stay on top of “scouting” for  tech acquisitions
  • Name your crown jewel enterprise systems. They explain, “Do your systems carry the names of vendor software companies even though your team tailors and adapts them to the enterprise? Claim or reclaim ownership of the key differentiating value that technology systems are providing every day. Assert pride in the fleet”
  • Define your “executive presence”.  How can you best sell and communicate your ideas in the coming year?
  • Encourage 360-degree technology business education
  • Develop storytellers within your organization to “evangelize” your IT story
  • Organize and practice responding to catastrophic scenarios. Mr. Raskino and Mr. Mahoney add, “utilize the discipline of war gaming as an effective tool to prepare for unknown or rapidly evolving situations that have multiple and uncontrollable drivers”
  • Open up your data assets on a “come and play” basis to fuel innovation
  • Exploit the “Maker Movement”. We all have innovative employees, enterprises should embrace and nurture this strength to foster new organizational creativity

Finally, CIOs should take time to keep up-to-date on new technologies.  The Gartner analysts recommend CIOs set aside 5% of their time to research and even experience emerging technologies that could have impact to their industry.

What 2015 CIO resolution above should be the focus at your organization this year?

IT Job Titles of the Future

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Here is a little tidbit on the future of IT job titles from Computerworld. Not just interesting for the job titles but also how new technologies are driving change. Do you see your “future job” listed?

Augmented Reality Designer. Augmented reality can be effective in improving learning and educational experiences. A Gartner analyst notes that AR technologies are now more mature and could be used more commonly in enterprises.

IoT Architect. The Internet of Things architect will be in demand to design and maintain tools that can crunch the massive amounts of data gathered from devices. Computerworld cites a study that predicts 30 billion wirelessly connected devices by 2020 – that is a lot of data to collect and use intelligently.

Marketing Technologist. Gartner’s findings are showing that 81% of organizations with $500 million or more in annual revenue now have a position equivalent to a “chief marketing technologist.” These individuals sort through the ever increasing tech and app options available for marketing and help ensure the tech choice fits the strategy at hand.

Node.js / Scala Developer. Computerworld reports, “Job site shows a spike in demand for both positions starting in 2011, with a sharp climb in 2013.”

DevOps Engineer / Manager. The practice of DevOps is becoming more common in application development and with it a rise in the number of jobs available.

Chief Analytics Data Science Officer. Two word – big data. As big data, IoT and data collecting in general continue to explode and expand higher level leadership is needed to deliver strategy and guidance.

Share your predictions.