Thoughts from Microsoft Inspire

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By Michael Downs, Chief Technology Officer

This week, Susanna Woods, Evolving Solutions’s director of sales, and I attended Microsoft’s Inspire partner conference. It was the first time Evolving Solutions has attended the conference and it reflects our continuing commitment to deliver hybrid cloud solutions to our clients.

Public cloud is not new news, but I believe we’ve reached a new phase of public cloud maturity. Each of the top cloud providers (Microsoft’s Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and IBM) has transitioned from evangelism to steady growth. The push by each provider to get client workloads, particularly data, onto their platform is certainly a continued theme. The conference was a great opportunity to better understand how Microsoft is innovating and continuing to differentiate their offerings.

Microsoft’s investments in Azure were readily apparent, as was their continued focus on Data and AI. They continue to lower the barrier to using advanced data capabilities, creating options, but also requiring important considerations on which platform is the best for an individual business. One of the most interesting items showcased was how Microsoft is using what they are learning from their Xbox and gaming business and incorporating it into their ability to make decisions on massive volumes of live data. Incorporating that with their investment in Mixed Reality through solutions like Hololens and Azure Spatial Anchors (provides persistence of a virtual world in the physical world) present several extremely interesting opportunities for innovation.

Of course, it’s not possible to get the business value from any of this innovation without adopting Modern Operations, the practices to ensure your end users and consumers get the experience they expect and need. I’m excited about some of the new Azure capabilities that provide components of this and I’m looking forward to the options they provide for our clients. If you have any questions about the conference or how you can continue to move forward in your cloud journey, feel free to reach out to me.

Michael joined Evolving Solutions in 2014 to develop solutions for our clients across hardware and software, both on and off premise. He brings over 18 years of creating architectures to solve complex business problems including big data, high performance computing, integration, automation and end user computing.

His broad technology, business and industry experience provides valuable perspective to our clients working to implement innovative technologies to support their success.

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Evolving Solutions and TechData: A Partnership in Innovation

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We are so excited that TechData chose Evolving Solutions as a feature for their partnership video series.  The video debuted at the TechData Summit in Phoenix, AZ yesterday.  Our team had a blast telling the story of the special relationship we share and explain why it is so valuable for our clients.

Check out the short video, where we talk about just what makes this partnership so special, and how it helps us deliver the right solutions to our clients:

Press Release: Introducing New IT Consulting Firm Keyva

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New IT Consulting Firm Helps Businesses Prioritize Innovation

Minneapolis, MN, October 1, 2018 – Keyva, a new IT innovation consulting firm, opened its doors for business today. Keyva is the vision of technology industry veteran, Jaime Gmach, who founded the company to help businesses free up more time to focus on innovation.

After founding and leading the technology solutions company, Evolving Solutions, for the last 23 years, Gmach came to realize that while many of Evolving Solutions’ clients would like to prioritize innovation, they are simply too busy with everyday tasks.

“Most organizations realize that improvement and innovation are critical to their success,” says Gmach. “However, business needs force them to focus on simply keeping the hamster wheel spinning. Our goal with Keyva is to help organizations increase time spent on innovation from an industry average of 10% up to their desired target of 40%.”

The Keyva value-proposition is two-fold. 1) Create efficiency via automation, and 2) Lead transformation by dedicating “new” time to innovation and future-forward initiatives.

Keyva consultants meet with the client to identify business opportunities, create vendor-agnostic automation solutions tailored to their specific needs and help them transform their overall capabilities.

“We know that every client’s “today” and ”tomorrow” looks different,” says Gmach. “Our approach is to meet our clients where they are at today, and then guide them forward from there. We make today more efficient, so they can innovate for tomorrow.”

Our consultants help enterprises to automate multi-clouds, multi-vendors, processes, applications and infrastructure within their environment.  From determining issues to developing a strategy to execution of automation, we thoroughly walk our clients through each step.

Current Evolving Solutions clients will have the opportunity to work with both companies.  Evolving Solutions and Keyva will be affiliated businesses, and Gmach will lead both organizations as CEO.  Both organizations possess experienced leadership teams, and the sales teams will be able to engage SMEs from both companies to deliver a much broader set of solutions for their clients.

About Keyva

Keyva is a consulting firm focused on delivering innovative technology solutions. Keyva simplifies IT to free up time and allow businesses to focus on their core offering and on customer value. Keyva consultants help enterprises automate multi-clouds, multi-vendors, processes, applications and infrastructure within their environment, while leading transformation initiatives to allow companies to take the next step on their business journey.  Learn more at

About Evolving Solutions

Evolving Solutions has been focused on creating long-term client relationships for over 23 years.  Equipped with exceptional data center technology and trusted talent, we offer expertise primarily in the areas of IT infrastructure, cloud and software solutions. We help companies thrive by providing modern and innovative IT solutions to best manage their data. We’re able to do this by hiring the best technical talent and partnering with quality manufacturers over years of experience in the industry.  From the beginning, we’ve made hiring the right people a priority. We are careful to hire competent and talented individuals, so the job is always done right.  Learn more at