Trends in Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

Enterprise data storage solutions manage large volumes of different types of data from different types of applications for many users.  Today’s data storage world is only becoming more complicated and having the right data storage solution in place is not only critical for day-to-day operations but also critical to future growth.  Let’s look at some trends in the marketplace.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

The cloud has provided much efficiency for many organizations, but still there is some enterprise data that is not ready or cannot be in the cloud.  Many enterprises are turning to or fine-tuning hybrid cloud storage solutions.

Never Ending Volume

Data volume continues to grow as our world becomes more connected and our devices smarter. Your enterprise data storage solution can no longer be one-size-fits-all. Instead data must prioritized and tiered based on importance to maximize not just storage capacity but also performance for end users who need the data to make decisions.  Data retention policies will also be reviewed as companies determine what to keep and what not to keep.

Software-Defined Storage

As data grows from both structured and unstructured sources, software-defined storage solutions will continue to rise as an important tool for managing well.

Flash Storage

Another trend in enterprise storage solutions is the use of flash storage.  Flash storage can help improve performance, expand storage utilization and optimize data management. Some organizations are even experimenting with all flash.

New Data Models

Today more than ever enterprise IT teams are dealing with a variety of new data models from cloud and mobile to traditional and IoT…and of course a combination of several together.  IT leaders are looking for enterprise data storage solutions that are more nimble and flexible to handle, process and ultimately use data from new and varying sources.

The Right Solution

In closing, keep in mind that no matter the current storage trends, you want to make sure you have the right enterprise data storage solution to meet your company’s needs both today and in the future.  If you are at a crossroads, it is a great idea to enlist the help of storage solution experts. Our team at  Evolving Solutions is here to evaluate your storage infrastructure and needs. Together, we can help determine the best technology to accomplish your goals.

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