What can you do to protect your data?

Data security is important not just for large enterprises but also for small and medium-sized businesses. Data can be the life blood of an organization and is critical to operations. It is important for businesses large and small to create a data security solution.

A recent Network World article highlighted these steps to take:

  • Start with your network. Don’t leave data security to systems run on employee devices. Create a front line defense and secure your network
  • Manage passwords. How are employees choosing passwords to enter your network and access data? Is it the same password used across countless personal accounts? Password management is another font line defense to protect your data
  • Encryption. From computer hard drives to emails to attachments, encryption is an often overlooked form of data security
  • Lock your devices. What is your company policy on using PINs and passwords not just for laptops and computers but also for mobile phones and tablets. For devices that can access your network, there should be a policy of using passwords and PINs required. You should even review your physical in-office devices to ensure they are locked in place to make theft more difficult
  • Make sure you can remote wipe. Make sure you have processes and systems in place to remove applications and data from devices that are lost or stolen
  • Backs up are important to data security. Not only is backing up your data important to operations, but in the event of a security breach, a backup can allow you to restore your data more quickly and reduce downtime
  • Monitor and review. Also often overlooked is the importance of monitoring and reviewing your network. Who has access and what is usual activity and what is not. There are a number of networking solutions that can give you the visibility you need to monitor

Finally, employee awareness and training is also critical for data security success. Employees should know the steps to take to properly access the network, policies for data use, understand common threats and know how to report suspicious activity. In today’s world data security is not just the function of the IT solution; instead, employees at all levels need to play an active role in keeping company data secure.

Liz Young

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator
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