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Offering Partnerships and Practice Areas to Meet Clients’ Needs

In 25 years of business, we have achieved many milestones. One of the most significant occurred in 2000 when Evolving Solutions became an IBM Business Partner. The process was not easy—forging such a relationship with a tech giant requires substantial investments of time and resources. The investments that we made then in personnel and technology … Continue reading “Offering Partnerships and Practice Areas to Meet Clients’ Needs”

Evolving Solutions Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

For 25 years, the organization has provided clients with technology solutions for their unique requirements. Evolving Solutions team has grown 39% in the past two years and experienced significant revenue growth. Culture, community, and core values have driven success and retention. Evolving Solutions Celebrates its 25th Anniversary MINNEAPOLIS, January 25th, 2021—Evolving Solutions, a leading hybrid … Continue reading “Evolving Solutions Celebrates its 25th Anniversary”

Monitoring Docker Containers with AppDynamics

As more organizations break down their monolithic applications into dozens of microservices, monitoring containers is more important, and complicated, than ever. Fortunately, AppDynamics has built Docker Monitoring to give you end-to-end monitoring for all your Docker containers. This allows you to immediately know when you have containers that are causing resource contention issues. This can … Continue reading “Monitoring Docker Containers with AppDynamics”

Dynatrace Metrics Ingest

Today we’re going to be talking about some exciting new functionality that was recently added to Dynatrace. We’ve talked about Dynatrace in this blog before, but for those who may not be familiar, Dynatrace is an all-in-one software intelligence platform and a leader in the Gartner magic quadrant for APM. Dynatrace has always been a … Continue reading “Dynatrace Metrics Ingest”

Manage the Rapid Growth of Medical Imaging Data With Qumulo

Since medical imaging shifted to digital media, diagnosticians can now request imaging from every angle with minimal cost impact. Similarly, 4-D mammograms are clinically superior to their older counterparts in every way, despite their expanded file size. The problem, however, is that all of that medical data must be securely stored for at least seven … Continue reading “Manage the Rapid Growth of Medical Imaging Data With Qumulo”

Unify Your Storage Strategy With IBM FlashSystem

With organizations requiring significantly more data to provide the level of personalization and digital transformation needed in today’s business landscape, data storage decisions significantly impact a company’s success. Organizations not utilizing a storage solution aligned with their overall business goals find themselves continually purchasing new solutions as their needs change—or allowing a lack of capabilities … Continue reading “Unify Your Storage Strategy With IBM FlashSystem”