Evolving Solutions’ Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice focuses on the end-to-end monitoring, predictive analytics and issue detection across the entire application stack. The most common component of this technology mindset is Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

APM solutions monitor and manage the performance and availability of business applications. They strive to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service.

Having an effective monitoring strategy is more critical than ever for an organization.  As applications become more complex, integrated into other processes and more difficult to manage, it can be challenging to identify where (and why) an issue resides.

The Evolving Solutions EMA (Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics) practice works closely with clients to:

  • Understand current monitoring tools and processes
  • Identify gaps in current monitoring strategy
  • Help identify appropriate monitoring software, if lacking
  • Optimize internal processes and workflows to become more proactive
  • Identify, gather and report/analyze various business focused KPIs which may have been missing or not available in real-time
  • Mature CI/CD/Automation, testing pipelines and development cycles with appropriate performance-based KPIs
  • Integrate multiple monitoring tools and solutions into various call tracking/ticketing systems/CMDBs

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