Increase Your Data & Server Efficiency with Our Virtualization Solutions

To accommodate for the rise in the amount of data stored in today’s business environment, many organizations run multiple database management systems for quick data access. Our virtualization solutions increase your company’s data and server efficiency based on your individual needs. Utilizing storage and server virtualization combined with our consolidation solutions, achieve fast, real-time and reliable information extraction.

Our Virtualization Solutions

Data Center Virtualization

We partner with the best technologies to provide you with the most efficient data center virtualization solution personalized to fit your organization. Our technical consultants learn the ins and outs of your infrastructure in order to best guide you through the process.  

Live Partition Mobility (LPAR)

We provide an exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your corporate IT infrastructure with server virtualization using IBM’s Live Partition Mobility (LPAR). LPAR divides a system’s resources from a single server and allows it to virtually act as several completely independent servers working concurrently.  

Server Virtualization

Enterprises today are looking to reduce the number of servers in their infrastructure to help reduce TCO while improving business continuity and availability.  There is also a desire to increase efficiency in their test and development environments.

Evolving Solutions recognizes these problems, our server virtualization and consolidation solutions are customized for each company’s individual needs in order to optimize their IT investments.

Storage Virtualization

We understand the time and cost challenges associated with managing a Storage Area Network based solution (SAN). Our storage virtualization solutions and Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software provide autonomic computing. This allows you to get data on demand, regardless of individual storage infrastructures. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Enterprises today are caught in a desktop dilemma. On one hand, IT organizations face pressures around cost, compliance, manageability and security. This is aggravated by the existing PC- centric computing paradigm which is expensive to manage and restricts IT agility to respond to changing business dynamics. On the other hand, end-users increasingly require the freedom and flexibility to access their applications and data from more devices and locations. This desktop dilemma-which pits end user freedom against the need for IT control— can drive up costs, impact security, and overwhelm IT resources. To break free from this dilemma, organizations are looking for an agile and adaptive approach to computing that enables IT to balance the needs of the enterprise with the needs of end users for a flexible, high performance computer experience.

Evolving Solutions’ VDI solutions with VMware View allows organizations to do more with less and adopt a truly user-centric and flexible approach to computing. By decoupling the applications, data and operating system from the end point, and by moving these components into the data center where they can be centrally managed in your cloud. Virtual desktop and application solutions offer IT a more streamlined, secure way to manage users and provide agile desktop services that can be accessed on-demand.

Automation and Orchestration

Virtualization can be a double-edged sword for IT admins: It cuts down on data center hardware costs and maintenance, but introduces a whole host of new management tasks. Manually performing each monitoring, provisioning and maintenance task is not only tedious and time-consuming, but it leaves room for error. To mitigate the potential problems and speed up the processes, many data centers employ automation tools and technologies.

Unfortunately, automation isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process. You need to carefully monitor the environment to know exactly how much to automate and when to adjust for environment changes.

Most data centers will benefit from some amount of automation, but how and what you automate will depend heavily on the scale of your infrastructure. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re looking to update an automation strategy, Evolving Solutions’ will work with your businesses and IT staff to show you what tools are at your disposal and which processes are worth automating.